The Aldgate Partnership

A Protected Area

The BID’s investment into making the area a more protected, safe and secure environment is £551,914.

Even more so in the current climate, it is regularly emphasised to us the potential risks that are threatening any vibrant and well visited area. Recent criminal and terror events that have taken place throughout the UK and in particular London, have shown the need for an area to be not only well protected by the police and security services but also from a well-planned safe urban design. The perception analysis demonstrated that 80% of businesses wanted a stronger relationship with safety providers and a provision of safe and secure activities. Therefore the BID can play a vital role in developing strategic priorities that can address both day to day activities such as homelessness, anti-social behaviour and street begging, but will also be in a strong position to work with many teams such as Safer Neighbourhood teams and counter terrorism teams. This will offer tools for safeguarding and play a role in encouraging distribution of resources and preventing such incidents occurring in the future.


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