The Aldgate Partnership

Healthy Streets – Air Quality

With funding from TfL we are embarking on a great project to improve the streets around Petticoat Lane market. Through this fund we hope to reduce the number of waste vehicles servicing the market by collecting the rubbish generated by the market in a few areas for more efficient well-timed collections. We will be working closely with the traders, the City Corporation and London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

We are in the early stages of implementing this project. If you are a SME or a trader in the area please email any inquiries and we would be happy to come for a chat.

This diagram show 10 ways that we can measure how healthy our streets are. We some key outcomes for improvement air quality for the local area, this funded project will also improve the ambient atmosphere, make people feel more relaxed with a better sense of order and reduce the waste collection vehicles so making it less congested and noisy.

For more information please email Zoe at or call at 020 3817 6295.

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