The Aldgate Partnership

An Appealing Area

The BID’s investment into public realm is £1,074,430.

The Aldgate area has seen a range of fast paced changes and developments over the last 5 years with no signs of these slowing down. The landscape has positively changed to include high rise developments, cutting edge architecture and improved versatile open space; all intermixed with existing cultural and historical sites. That said it cannot be disputed that through such rapid change, increased vehicular use and intensified footfall, comes an element of increased pressure on infrastructure and public realm. 

The BID also recoginises that first impressions are key to encourage visitors to return time and time again and are equally important for residents and staff. Alongside aesthetically pleasing public realm, the cleanliness and greenness of an area also has an impact on an area’s feel and atmosphere. There are fantastic pockets of developed shared, green and clean space in Aldgate. This quality and sustainability of clean and green spaces should be at the heart of future designs and a future BID could assist in driving this agenda forward.


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