The Aldgate Partnership

The Past

Historically Aldgate has great significance as a central hub in London.

Dating back to Roman and medieval settlements its name denotes that it was once one of the gates in the city wall around the Roman City of Londinium. It was the home of famous landmarks in the 16th century such as the famous Aldgate Pump and the Bell Foundry, the oldest manufacturing company in Britain and the birthplace of Big Ben.

Although the Gate was removed in 1761, the area has continued to serve as an entry point and major thoroughfare which connects the city to the east. Places like Mile End were so named because they were a mile from Aldgate, demarcating the special and enduring relation between the City and the hamlets on its Eastern fringe.

The 19th and 20th century saw the rise of a new transport infrastructure and a buzzing shopping and commercial district before decline as a result of bombing in World War II and the decline in manufacturing industries. The 1970’s saw the development of more infrastructure with a large traffic gyratory, large scale office development and a network of subways constructed to provide pedestrian access beneath the one way system to the London underground systems.

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