The Aldgate Partnership

The Present

Today we see Aldgate as a genuinely diverse and mixed use area with a range of offices, shops, homes and community facilities arranged round its unique street pattern and different types of buildings.

Aldgate has always been home to a culturally diverse community and accepted waves of immigrants. It is also unique as it borders on two boroughs; The City of London and London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Whilst there are differences between the boroughs they both benefit from fast developing new industries and an established existing business base. The City, one of just a handful or world financial centres is the second most affluent local authority in London, with high levels of income per captia and an employment rate well above the national average. Tower Hamlets, hosts the European or world headquarters of many global financial businesses, employing some of the highest level of paid workers in London but also has the highest level of child poverty in England and the second highest unemployment rate in London in spite of the area having more than two jobs for every resident.

Much of the area now plays an important role in providing fringe activities for the City, with a distinctive mix of education with two universities and cultural attractions, for instance the world renowned Whitechapel Gallery, Toynbee Hall, Metropolitan University, Museum of the Docklands to name some of the iconic names combined with a diverse range of bars, restaurants and hotels. With all the activity the boundary edge has started to blur as a growing number of large commercial occupiers and global organisations have moved to area alongside new floor plate office developments being approved in the area with designated locations earmarked for employment and economic growth. The two boroughs have similar aspirations for the Aldgate area both seeing the potential for the growth of regional and local economy.

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