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Aldgate in Winter 2022 Local Heroes

Author: Izabella Kasinska


As the year comes to an end, we would like to take a look back and reflect on our Local Heroes❤️
As part of this year’s Aldgate in Winter Festival theme of Local Heroes, we asked the Aldgate community to nominate the person who goes the extra mile to support others in Aldgate. The Local Heroes were photographed by students from London Metropolitan University and exhibited in a Portraiture Project in Mallon Gardens at Toynbee Hall.

Aldgate’s Local Heroes:


Alina Kopetze & Ayesha Azad
Nominated for arranging community events.
© Therry Maltauro


Celine Lutzu
Nominated for organsing the annual Halloween Party.
© Andrea Irmeni


David Dalmau
Nominated as key ambassador of hospitality for the area, for his support and enthusiasm to making Aldgate a better place to be and his generous support with food & beverages for community events.
© Karoly Rucska


Eco Zhang
Nominated for her commitment to Aldgate in Winter by providing a sustainability manifesto, as well as her enthusiasm and engagement with Aldgate Connect BID activities to improve the area.
© Gianluca Barbazza


Freya Slessor
Nominated for sewing and fashion design workshops and her work fundraising and supporting the Middlesex Community Gardening Club.
© Oleg Savca


Henry Jones
Nominated for his amazing contributions for the Aldgate community over many years, including running clubs for older residents and fundraising for local causes and his constant dedication for improving the area.
© Gianluca Barbazza


Jessica Yepez
Nominated for providing free weekly English language lessons to the Latino community.
© Oleg Savca


Luz Ampro– Fletcher
Nominated for organising BaLaCo Festival for the local community and numerous free educational, women’s and family events.
© Karoly Rucska


Paul Wilson
Nominated for his amazing work setting up and running the Food for Aldgate foodbank as a response to the covid pandemic and beyond & his continuous involvement in and support for local community projects.
© Gianluca Barbazza


Rose Clarke
Nominated for her hard work as an Aldgate BID Ambassador including environmental & cleansing reporting, her welcoming service for everyone come rain or sunshine, as well as her knowledge, expertise and personal connections with residents, businesses and everyone in between across all of Aldgate.
© Karoly Rucska


Ted Hall
Nominated for his work at the Middlesex Community Gardening Club and organising of the Podium Party.
© Andrea Irmeni


Other special mentions of Local Heroes:
Ania Dabrowska, James Ford, Samiran Chowdhury, and Tim Limbrick