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Dive into Aldgate’s fascinating history.

Mile End is named so because it’s a mile from Aldgate

Aldgate was the eastern-most gateway through the London Wall leading to the City of London, this is where it got it’s name derived from ‘Old Gate’.

From 1700’s distances into Essex and Middlesex were measured from Aldgate Pump.

The Tower of London is just round the corner – the prison cells that once incarcerated William Hastings and Anne Boleyn.

Brick Lane, home to the most diverse market in London, is just 200m from Aldgate East station.

Aldgate straddles two London boroughs – City of London and Tower Hamlets. The BID works hard with both sides to make one Aldgate.

“Rumoured to be the oldest pub in the City, the Hoop and Grapes is still equipped with its “listening tube” that enables people in the cellar to eavesdrop on conversations in the bar.”

The Aldgate Ward Club is more than 100 years old, being officially formed in 1906.

Aldgate was the centre of the sugar refining industry during the 18th century. It was mainly carried out by German immigrants and their descendants.

Aldgate station was opened in 1876, with a southbound extension to Tower Hill opening on 1882, completing the Circle (line).


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