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Find out everything you need to know about the BID and how it’s transforming the district.


What it is

In April 2020, the local business community voted to establish a formal Business Improvement District (BID) in Aldgate, after the success of its predecessor – The Aldgate Partnership (TAP). The BID allows local businesses and communities to have an input into the development of the area.

The BID operates in 5-year terms. Through mandatory business levies and voluntary contributions, the BID will raise £3.9m over its first term, with the funds going directly into those projects that the community needs the most.

Aldgate straddles two boroughs – The City of London and Tower Hamlets – and our teams work in partnership with both local authorities to champion local business, and turn Aldgate into a better area to live, work and visit.

The BID Boundary

Our Four Areas
of Focus


Making the district more appealing

Aldgate blends the best of modern, high-rise developments with the historic architecture London is famous for. The quality of the surrounding infrastructure ties all our landmarks together and makes sure that when people visit, they keep coming back.

We’re putting a big effort into making Aldgate’s public realm the best it can be – making the area cleaner, greener, and more enjoyable to take in.

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Keeping everyone protected

80% of businesses in Aldgate wanted a stronger relationship with the Police and other safety providers, to make sure anyone who comes to enjoy Aldgate, can do so safely and securely.

From cracking down on anti-social behaviour, to partnering with counter terrorism teams, we’ll be doing everything we can to make Aldgate as secure as possible.

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Creating a stronger community

Aldgate’s future success rests heavily on the cohesion of its community. We want all stakeholders in the area – that’s businesses, locals and visitors – to feel heard and valued, and to come together as a partnership to generate opportunity.

Through wellbeing initiatives, career development programmes and much more, we want to build a district that celebrates local talent and works as one to achieve sustainable success.

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Welcoming people in

Aldgate is full of diverse character and charm and it’s important to us that more people come and experience it for themselves.

But after engaging with the community, 86% of local businesses believed Aldgate needed a stronger brand. So we’re developing a marketing strategy that showcases its uniqueness, and puts it firmly on the map for people to come and visit. Over and over again.

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The Team

Executive Team

Our team are responsible for the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of The BID. Take a look at our bios to get to know us and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

BID Ambassadors

Our on-the-ground ambassadors are closely connected with the Aldgate community, reporting on any issues and making sure everyone feels welcome.

The board

Made up of local business and community members across both boroughs, The Board volunteers to represent the collective voice of the community and oversee the strategic direction of The BID.

The Steering Groups

The Steering Groups represent our four themes and make sure each area gets equal attention. They hold quarterly meetings which have discussions, presentations and provide feedback on BID projects.

We’re currently recruiting. Get in touch if you want to play your part.

Stronger Communities Steering Group

Developing initiatives, including wellbeing and ESG, that invest in and bring together our local communities.

Public Realm Steering Group

Improving the infrastructure and environment across the boroughs.

Safe & Secure Steering Group

Working with the Police and authorities to create a safer neighbourhood for all.

Culture & Marketing Steering Group

Driving activities that promote Aldgate’s identity and attract more visitors to the area.

The Property Owners Network

This network represents the property sector and influences how it’s factored into the 5-year plan.

Aldgate Story

Welcome everyone

Aldgate is unlike any other area in London. From its medieval history as a gateway into the capital, to a place where immigrants settled and made a home, Aldgate has always made outsiders feel like insiders.

It’s what’s driven the diverse community that makes the area so special. It’s a place where anyone and everyone can fit in. And join in.

The startup and the corporate. The street artist and the gallery owner. The market stall trader and the independent retailer. The street food chef and the restauranteur.

It’s a place where you can do things your way. Where you can build a business, develop a career, build a community, raise a family.

Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, there’s space and a place for you in Aldgate.

Our Supporters

We couldn’t do it without them

A big thank you to all our current Voluntary Supporters

Although the BID’s main source of funding comes straight from local businesses, our voluntary supporters play a key role in making the plan happen. Without their time and financial support, the long-term vision for Aldgate simply wouldn’t be possible.

We’re always looking to connect with new supporters who are willing to help, get in touch to find out more.

Observing Partners

We work closely with local authorities to ensure that all BID delivery is aligned with local plans and agendas.

Partnerships & Endorsers

To drive forward our ambitions and deliver strategic projects, we work collaboratively with key partners to achieve greater value and reach.

and Publications

We’re regularly publishing brochures and reports to keep everyone up to date with what The BID is up to. You can download all our documents here.