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Love to Ride – Cycling Encouragement in Aldgate

Author: Matteo Cotta Ramusino


Aldgate Connect teams up with Love to Ride to promote active travel with fun cycling challenges and an innovative online platform.

Following the establishment of a new partnership, Aldgate Connect businesses and their staff can enjoy free access to Love to Ride’s cycling encouragement platform.

Love to Ride is dedicated to promoting active travel and healthy lifestyles with its engaging cycling challenges and cutting-edge technology. Since its inception, more than 700,000 riders worldwide have used Love to Ride and joined its friendly and inclusive online cycling community.

Love to Ride is on a mission to inspire more people to get on their bikes and enjoy the benefits of cycling, from saving money to improving overall well-being. Workplace challenges such as the Bike Month Challenge and Cycle September cater to riders of all levels, enabling participating businesses to compete on local and national leaderboards and offering riders the chance to win great prizes, just for riding their bikes.

In addition to its impactful initiatives, Love to Ride employs a comprehensive online platform that seamlessly integrates journey-tracking technology, community engagement, and an incentive system to make cycling an accessible and enjoyable choice for everyone.

The platform enables people to effortlessly record their rides, set goals, earn badges, and connect and share their experiences with others. Furthermore, riders have access to a wealth of resources to help boost their confidence on the road, including tips, informative articles and Quick Courses. Plus, the new ‘Rate My Routes’ feature enables riders to contribute to citizen science by giving comfort ratings to the routes they ride.

Thomas Stokell, the CEO of Love to Ride highlighted the importance of cycling in today’s world, stating, “At a time when environmental issues, wellness, and money-saving are an important factor for many, there has never been a better time to ride a bike. We aim to create positive change through our cycling programs and to promote healthier, happier people, places and businesses.”

Zoe Barwick, Director of Aldgate Connect BID stated, “Over the past five years, the BID has invested considerably into the wellbeing of local businesses and their workforce. Initiatives like Love to Ride have so much potential to drive change in the local area, improving physical and mental health, enhancing air quality, encouraging active exploration of Aldgate, and creating connected online communities. The adoption of Love to Ride is yet another example of the BID’s commitment to the local business community and their staff.”

Joining Love to Ride is easy – visit to find out more and download the Love to Ride app from the App Store or Google Play.

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