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Unveiling Expo of Aldgate’s first Public Realm Vision and Strategy

Author: Zoe Barwick


On the 5th April 2022, we unveiled the Public Realm Strategy and Vision to locals, businesses, developers, and stakeholders at the new BT headquarters in Aldgate. The ambitious strategy draws together existing projects and regeneration schemes and layers new improvements to knit the area together enhancing heritage aspects,, cohesiveness, culture and creativity to support it being a place for all. The Vision, as defined by the community with applied expertise and logic from world renowned architects and designers Gensler, is:

‘To Establish Aldgate in its Iconic Location as a well-connected, Cohesive Community known for it’s intricate Network Of Green Spaces, and celebration of it’s unique Artistic and Cultural Heritage.’

For this to happen, the strategy defines 4 fundamentals:

  • A well-connected district supported by multiple active modes of transport.
  • Spaces for art, culture and social exchange.
  • Improve the quality of existing open spaces and introduce new public areas to form a meaningful green-space network.
  • Enhanced settings and celebrate heritage assets.

Hear what the locals and businesses thought about the strategy:

View videos here

View some photos of the event:

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The Vision points out several major projects that address some key challenges in Aldgate, such as the dominance of traffic and noise, but also some fundamentally important community and activation projects to keep the area vibrant and exciting, owned by local people who are proud of their neighbourhood.

Below you can find the display boards, which give a bitesize version of the full document. The full and final Strategy for the Aldgate area will be available at the beginning of May 2022.

View preview here

The purpose for the Vision is to lay out the District’s priorities for the future of the area as defined by the wider community of businesses, residents and visitors. This is intended to be a catalyst document for us to work with all stakeholders to see these interventions come alive.