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London in Bloom Awards – Silver Award for Aldgate

Author: Izabella Kasinska


Earlier this year, the London in Bloom judges toured Aldgate, looking at the community and greening efforts in the area.

London in Bloom is a campaign that awards, supports and promotes community involvement in, care for the environment and the maintenance of the precious green spaces.

Aldgate Connect entered into the Business Improvement District (BID) category, and showcased the impacts of community hub of Aldgate Square, the efforts currently undertaking to transform Braham Park, the BIDs commission of The Mobile Arboretum as part of the London Festival of Architecture, as well as the BID sponsored Middlesex Community Garden, which is looked after by local residents and Benk & Bo, with volunteering opportunities for the workers and residents in Aldgate.

We are very proud to announce that these joint community efforts were awarded the Silver Award at the London in Bloom 2022 Awards!

We received great feedback on the community and urban open spaces efforts, and look forward to taking it all on board and continuing the joint projects in making Aldgate a greener place!