Free Net Zero support with Heart of the City

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Free net zero support for SMEs based or operating in the Square Mile

The City of London has set an ambitious 2040 net zero target. SMEs play a huge role in, and around, the City, so the City of London Corporation has partnered with responsible business charity, Heart of the City, to offer a free programme for all SMEs based, or significantly operating in, the Square Mile.

This is a fully funded opportunity to help enhance your company’s competitiveness, resilience, and sustainability. The programme will give your business the tools, support and practical advice from sustainability experts that you need to reach net zero, and unlock the business benefits this can bring too.


City of London net zero by 2040: free climate action support for SMEs in your supply chain and network

The City of London Corporation has set an ambitious 2040 net zero target for the Square Mile, and engaging large businesses and SMEs who are based, or significantly operate, here will be essential to reaching net zero, on time.

As part of the Corporation’s strategy, a free climate action programme has been developed by Heart of the City, a responsible business charity and delivery partner for the Corporation. Any SME that is based, or has significant operations, in the Square Mile is eligible for a place on the programme.

This programme aims to catalyse the City’s progress to net zero by enabling SMEs to access support to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, and supporting large firms to reduce their Scope 3 emissions generated in their supply chain.

If you have SMEs in your supply chain, buildings or network, please can you share this programme with them?

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