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Bringing together BIDs, business groups and leaders, the CLA was formed to support a sustainable, economic recovery of London’s business across all sectors and to help both employers and workers to survive through coronavirus and beyond. Get involved and take advantage of the free benefits provided.

Politically agnostic and supported by organisations of varying sizes and sectors, the CLA works towards a safe and strong economic recovery of central London, ensuring its continued viability as a leading global city.

Through Aldgate Connect BID, you can access all of the below Business Support Services and Employee Benefits listed in the PDF below.

Services & Benefits

How do I join?

You can benefit from the BID’s paid membership with Central London Alliance. No further charges will apply to you or your business.

Join the platform as “Brand Partner” and complete the ‘Referred By’ field. Select Referred by ‘Existing Member’, then select ‘Zoe Barwick (Aldgate Connect BID)’ from the drop down menu (this is how you ensure your membership is free under the BID).  You can then start networking, benefiting from business support and employee benefits and promotion of your business.

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