Neighbourhood Update from the City of London Police – March 2023

Author: City of London Police


County Lines week

Recently the City of London Police ran a joint county lines operation alongside British Transport Police as per county lines awareness week. The operation led to three positive stop and searches along with several stop and account requests as part of reassurance and welfare patrols.

If you have any concerns about a young person or anyone vulnerable who may be involved in drugs linked to county lines, please report it – if something does not feel right trust your gut instinct.

A common feature in county lines drug supply is the exploitation of young and vulnerable people.

Below you can see examples of some common signs of county lines:

  • An increase in visitors and cars to a house or flat – new faces appearing at the house or flat. This may also apply to a specific public area too where dealing may be taking place.
  • Change in resident’s mood and/or demeanour or unexplained injuries.
  • Substance misuse and/or drug paraphernalia in the area or person exhibiting drug use signs.
  • An increase in anti-social behaviour in the community
  • Changes in the way young people you might know dress – new unaffordable clothing – new expensive items such as mobile phones, etc.
  • Exclusion or disengagement from school, family or social life.

You can report directly to the Police or anonymously via Crimestoppers (online or call 0800 555 111)

For more information, including details about how Organised Crime Groups ( OCG’s) use social media for county lines, visit our website at Advice and information | City of London Police .