Neighbourhood Update from the London Metropolitan Police – March 2023

Author: London Metropolitan Police


Bike Marking

Whitechapel SNT conducted a bike marking event at the Royal London Hospital site for both staff and patients that use the facilities. This is following a number of complaints regarding bikes being stolen or signs of bikes being tampered with in the area.

Bike marking is a great deterrent to prevent handling stolen goods and also aids Police when the bikes are recovered, they can then be reunited with their respective owners. For further reading, please follow the attached link;
Tips on keeping your bikes safe:


Area Safety

Spitalfields and Banglatown took part in a “With Woman we Run” event on international women’s day, with the Adidas women’s group. The initiatives aims are to highlight street harassment which a lot of women experience when going on a run or walk through London. Discussions were held about what more the met can do to make women safe and how they can report such incidents. There were also inter group talks which focussed on awareness and allyship within the running group and wider community. The session ended with a few of the police officers joining in with the run to witness any incidents first hand. (second picture)

StreetSafe is an app where people can report areas where they feel unsafe, this could be due to environmental factors (poor lighting / CCTV) or behaviour factors (large group of people hanging around). The app is not to be used to report crime. The app is available to download for free on most smartphones.