WORKSHOP INVITATION: The Crescent is being revitalised – be part of the conversation


Workshop Date: Thursday 3rd August 2023, 10:00-11:00am
Workshop Location: SENZO City, 35 Vine St, London EC3N 2PX

The City of London Corporation would like to present the designs so far for a new green space in The Crescent, pictured, and hear your views on what cultural activation and programming could exist in this space, how we can attract people to it and who this would be. This will help us to ensure the space will be designed and built to meet these ambitions.

Through previous engagement and trial events, we’ve heard that the space should allow for adaptable programming which:

  1. Ignites and revives a collective love of this place: the design should instil a sense of pride and attachment to the area, fostering a strong connection between the public and the space.
  2. Can facilitate unique experiences to attract visitors and workers back to the workplace and thereby support local services.
  3. Is inclusive and accessible: the design should create an engaging and dynamic environment that appeals to a diverse range of people.
  4. Provides a space for social exchange for all: The Crescent should encourage social interactions, providing opportunities for people to connect, communicate, and build community.
  5. Is beautiful: The design should elevate the aesthetic appeal of the public realm, contributing to the overall beauty and desirability of the urban landscape.

We invite all key stakeholders to contribute their event and programming aspirations revitalising the Crescent, so it becomes a cherished destination within the City.

Please RSVP to, if you would like to attend.