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Commuter Club – Aldgate Release

Author: Ellena Schuster-Farrell


We’re thrilled to be launching The Commuter Club today with a focus on all things Aldgate!

Each week, the BIDs and Partnerships in the Primera family will be releasing podcasts, playlists and long reads to brighten your journey – all downloadable so you can listen and read on the go.

This week, we’re exploring the vibrant streets of Aldgate. Join us as we get behind-the-scenes at the Whitechapel Gallery, enjoy tapas in the bustling Petticoat Lane Dining Quarter, get to know long term residents and Leyden Gallery owners and catch up with fascinating Londoners. As it’s the first of the series, we bring you a special bonus playlist from the new recruits at Canopy by Hilton, inspired by East London.

And if you’re needing help changing gears from home to work, you’ll find a few minutes of Commuter Calm with Paul Mckenna at the end of our podcast.

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