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GET INVOLVED – Aldgate in Winter Festival 2022


Aldgate Connect BID is pleased to announce that the Aldgate in Winter Festival will return for its sixth year in  December 2022.

The festival will return with some firm favourites: the lantern parade, live events, creative workshops, market stalls and the lantern exhibition. The festival dates are to be confirmed, but is likely to take place in the second week of December.

The theme this year for the lanterns will be Local Heroes. Local Heroes are nominated by the community curators, children and through this online form (deadline for nomination sis 21st October 2022).

They can be anyone in the community such as:

  • someone who always drops round a pint of milk to you
  • someone who goes the extra mile to make sure you and others are happy
  • someone who always volunteers to help others

The Local Hero will have a lantern made to resemble them by artists and school & community group children. The lantern of them will be included in the lantern parade and then installed in local venues as part of the light exhibition. Once the light exhibition has been installed a public tour of the exhibition will be held by the community curators and local children.

 There are various ways to participate and support the festival this year:

Roles Deadlines
Community Curator Thursday 22 September
Lantern Exhibitor Tuesday 1st November
Volunteers Stewards Monday 14th November
Community Supporter Ongoing



Community Curators are a core team who decide who and what happens at the festival using the feedback from the community in the steering groups and from the feedback form. It is an opportunity to:

  • Decide the name of the festival
  • Decide what live performances are included in the festival
  • Nominate Local Heroes for the light exhibition

Workshop Details:

  • Location  – Artizan Street Library & Community Centre, 1 Artizan St, London E1 7AF
  • Dates – Tuesday 4th, Thursday 6th, Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th October 2022
  • Times – Workshop 1.00-2.00pm, with lunch available from 12.30-2.15pm
  • Lunch – Food and hot drinks will be supplied

A Community Curator will:

  • live or work in the Aldgate area
  • be an active member of community e.g., a shop owner, a community leader, a teacher, a volunteer etc.
  • be able to dedicate 4 x 1hr workshop sessions with the production team during weekday lunch times.
  • have a positive attitude & bring ideas to the group

If you have children and cannot find childcare, they are most welcome to attend, please just let us know so we can accommodate.

Lunch will be provided.


Lantern Exhibitors host the lanterns from the lantern parade. These are displayed in windows and are either free standing or attached to your window.

When does the installation and deinstallation happen? On Monday 11 December. The de-install will happen first week of January 2023 tbc.

How long does the installation take? Dependent on the scale and number of lanterns take, this will take approximately 1-2 hours.

Can I have more than one? Absolutely, just let us know.

Can I specify which one I want? We will do our best to accommodate the practicalities of the lantern installation such as scale and fixtures; however, we cannot guarantee the theme of the lantern.

Can we keep it? Absolutely! We hope they will be up every year as a staple in the community of Aldgate.

What happens once they are installed? The production team will produce and market a light exhibition map, which means the general public will be on your doorstep to tick of the next stop on the trail. What’s more; on Wednesday 13 December those who have nominated the local heroes will be leading a tour to tell us all about the Local Heroes.

What type of light exhibitions will there be? We’ll have a huge variety; with the staple, being Local Heroes. We’ll also have some staples from previous years.



 On the parade day there are hundreds of audiences and participants walking through the streets of Aldgate. Stewards are responsible for keeping the pace of the parade and ensuring people aren’t left behind. There are also other opportunities during the live events after the festival for those who are looking for producing or stage management experience. If you would be interested in a production role too, please detail this in your email to us.

Assistant Workshop Facilitators

 In the lead up to festival, schools and community workshops are led by artist facilitators to create lanterns as part of the parade and exhibition. These generally are held during school term times and will happen across November, with dates and times to be confirmed. The assistant workshop facilitators will get stuck in with the ‘making’ during the session and supporting the lead facilitators.



 In the community spirit of the festival, every little counts. If you have the means to, you can support in the following ways:

  • Free food/drink supplies and distribution on the parade day on either Thursday 9th or Friday 10th December tbc
  • Arts & crafts supplies for schools and community groups
  • Financial support for the overall running of the festival and workshops



Please email Arts Producer, Alice Sandon: with the subject heading the title of the opportunity e.g. Subject heading: Lantern Exhibitor. If it’s more than one title, please add them all.