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London for Lovers

Author: Helena Forrest


Every inch of London holds monumental memories.

Every dimension covered in sentiment for someone.

Several London for Lovers post boxes have been placed across various locations throughout central London; from entrances to museums and theatres to hotel lobbies and commercial buildings, until the end of February.

Each structure provides a place for you to leave your Love Letter for London; your favourite memories of this wonderful city.

Find one, or all, of the bespoke post boxes and tag us as you leave your Love Letter for London on social media for a chance to win a luxury stay at Blue Orchid Hotels! Join in the fun and share your #londonloveaffair.

More information can be found at

Can you find the post boxes in the Aldgate area? We have a post box at Barcelona Tapas in the Petticoat Lane Dining Quarter, at the Aldgate Tower on Leman Street, and at Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotel! Leave your love note for London and make sure to tag us on our social media channels @aldgateconnect.

You can download the map here.