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Meet our BID Manager, Zoe Barwick

Author: Izabella Kasinska


To celebrate International Women’s Day, we caught up with our BID Manager here at Aldgate Connect BID, Zoe Barwick, to get an insight into her experiences as a woman in business and her views on the importance of International Woman’s Day.

1. Zoe, tell us a bit about yourself. What is current your role?
I studied Art History at Leeds University after which I began my career at CBRE in London. I found my passion for BIDs and have been in the built environment industry for over 12 years. I recently completed my social value course. I have worked on Aldgate for 8 years, since it was a small business partnership to it’s conception as a Business Improvement District (BID) in 2020. Now working as BID Manager delivering amazing and exciting projects, with a great on-ground team.

2. What achievement have you been most proud of?
I spent a summer in Kenya, helping start up an orphanage in the countryside. In the UK, we raised £200 to take out there with us and we put a spending profile together for the new orphanage on the day of the arrival of 15 children.

3. This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Embrace Equity’. What does this mean to you?
Embrace Equity is a great theme and I think it goes far beyond the other themes that have come up before in progressing the language that we use around striving for fair opportunities in the workplace. 

4. How would you encourage more women into leadership roles in their career?
Demand good management practices, I think mentoring schemes can be very beneficial to help you guide your own future and reach for it. 

5. What is your favourite empowerment song?
Reach for the Stars by S Club 7

6. Why are you proud to be working in Aldgate?
Genuinely, I feel like there’s so much partnership and community spirit here in Aldgate, it’s a pleasure to be working with partners across the whole community. The area has a binding vision coming from different perspectives that all seem to work well. 

7. Who is a female inspiration to you?
My mum, because she is a guiding influence in my life, always positive but real.

8. Three phrases to describe International Women’s Day.
Collectiveness, interesting exchanges, and empowerment. 

9. Any last words of wisdom?
Go through life embracing and trusting the world and everyone in it to reach your goal. I believe this will  help you to get to your goal and have a nicer time doing it, but be aware that you will still face challenges. However, it’s days like International Women’s Day and partnership working that can help you overcome those hurdles.