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Ready, Set…BID!


The Countdown Is On!

Voting is now under way by local businesses to decide whether Aldgate will become a Business Improvement District, or BID. If approved by the businesses, they will form a £3.9 million fund to invest into improvements to the local area, covering destination marketing, improvements to public spaces, and crime prevention as well as social and sustainable responsibility schemes. These improvements will help enhance Aldgate as an area of outstanding creativity, dynamism, and cultural heritage. 

Read more about the BID and ballot process here. >>>

Since 2014 The Aldgate Partnership has been helping to drive forward a powerful agenda for change. We’ve supported local businesses in Aldgate by featuring more than 100 companies and promoting over 1000 offers via our monthly newsletters and social media. We’ve also helped local residents and workers enjoy exclusive discounts and deals through our free Aldgate Advantage card. 

We’ve worked with the community to develop our gardening and craft wellbeing clubs and have run over 679 hours of employee wellbeing sessions over the past 2 years. We’ve also put on 11 networking events, helping 485 people become more connected.

TAP has also funded the management of events on Aldgate Square including a summer festival in 2018 and Winter Lantern Parades in 2018 and 2019 as well as great pop-up events that add to the sense of surprise!

Visit our Flickr page to see highlights of some of the events and workshops we’ve run over the last 2 years. 

What’s next for Aldgate?

In a perception analysis survey we carried out in 2018, 86% of local businesses said they wanted to see a stronger brand developed for the area. We plan to continue to build on our local discount card scheme, grow and improve the ‘Absolutely Aldgate’ destination brand, and develop an annual world-class events programme. 

80% of businesses want a stronger relationship relationship with safety providers and a provision of safe and secure activities; The Aldgate Connect BID will build on successful crime prevention surgeries and offer high level business advice and training on subjects including counter terrorism, fraud and cyber crime. 

We’re also keen to create sustainable prosperity for local businesses. We’ll achieve this through the development of bespoke Corporate Social Responsibilty schemes, by providing low-cost accelerator space for startups, by creating and promoting apprenticeship opportunities, and expanding our programme of networking and wellbeing events. 

A full outline of our proposed improvements for Aldgate can be found in our BID proposal – click here to read it.