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A New Sculpture for Aldgate Square

Author: Izabella Kasinska



We are excited to announce that the first of the two Sculpture in the City (SITC) Aldgate Square commissions will be unveiled next month.

 Earthing by Jocelyn McGregor will be installed on the week of 9th May 2022 and the inaugural community-inspired artwork will be in it’s prime Aldgate Square spot for the next year.

Jocelyn McGregor uses her own body as a starting point in her artistic practice, which seeks the point of transition between internal and external, real and imagined, natural and synthetic worlds. Earthing imagines a more permeable boundary between the synthetic and the organic within urban spaces. Resembling a crumbling curved section of wall or a dry-stone shelter on a mountain-top, the tactile work features hybrid creatures, from giant snail shells with human limbs to cross-legged snakes. McGregor’s work acts like a fantastical magnifying glass, focusing on the interconnections between our manufactured and natural environments, advocating for a more holistic view of the world. The public will be encouraged to pass through the work as they walk through Aldgate Square, and the open structure and use of stone will provide a habitat for insects.